Today’s post is one that’s very close to my heart – a DIY post with a healthy serving of familiar faces to boot… well, familiar if you’re lucky enough to know this marvelous group of people, that is!

Mr Joy and I decided very early on in the planning that we wanted to have a photo booth at our wedding, and given that we are a crafty pair we decided to DIY it.

This prompted many DIY Photo Booth-related posts on this very blog, like Moustache-on-a-Stick How To, Ready For Your Close-Up: The Rise of The DIY Photo Booths and some White Tea-flavoured Photo Booth Inspiration. Queue weeks of moustache-making, backdrop ironing, eBay trawling, and prop-gathering (and now we have a dress-up box for when our friends bring their kids for a visit).

And now I can share with you the fruit of our efforts, with special thanks to the brilliant helpers we had on the day who took the reins and made the whole thing go smoothly – namely the indispensable Annie of Aislinn Events, Aga of White Tea who generously offered to light the booth up, and The Mastersons who were seen to be tinkering at the camera settings at one stage too.

Thanks to all the eager and willing participants. Oh and Fiona – Mark called, he wants his jacket back!

Didn’t it turn out great? I’ll be blogging all about how we went about it in the coming weeks, so make sure and tune in!