If you’ve noticed the men in your life have been getting hairier over the past few weeks, it could be because of the full moon. Of course it’s a lot more likely that it’s the annual Movember charity drive that has their upper-lip all a-fuzz.

Regular readers will know how I love all things DIY for weddings, and top of that list are DIY Photo Booths. Over in the DIY and Downloadables section you’ll see our DIY Photobooth pdf, which has all the printouts you need to create one of your own, including a template for False Moustaches.

Here is the step-by-step guide to making your own moustache. Sparcely-haired men, this is your chance…

  1. Here are the materials you’ll need:
    • Black Felt
    • Card (a cereal box will do)
    • TheMoustache Template, printed
    • Pen and Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Skewers (I got mine in the €2 shop).
  2. Turn the printed template over, and use a pencil to draw a heavy outline around the border of the moustache.
  3. Turn it back over and place it on the card. Use a pen to trace out the outline (the pencil on the underside will transfer onto the card, like this…
  4. Cut out the moustache shape.
  5. Glue the card to the felt.
  6. Do you like my Cornflakes box? Cut along the card so the felt is the same shape as the moustache.
  7. Now glue the top side of the moustache to the felt.
  8. Cut out around it so it looks like this.
  9. Cut the sharp end off the skewer.

Peel back the felt on the back of the moustache and put the top of the skewer in. You may want to secure it with stronger glue or tape. Press the felt back into place.
And Voila! Repeat for the other shapes and prepare for some photo booth fun!