Wedding anniversaries are a time for you both to take some time out to celebrate your union and to look back at the year where you have continued to grow together as well as a chance to make plans for the year ahead. It is also of course a time to show gratitude with the exchanging of gifts. Here are some of our wedding anniversary gift ideas up to your silver anniversary:

1st Anniversary

Your first anniversary is important to acknowledge as you have accomplished a year of many adjustments to your new life together. Paper is the traditional gift, so perhaps a new picture for your home or a photographic print of one of the highlights of the year just gone. If you cannot choose, consider a photobook to record your first year together. Modern gifts include clocks and gold jewellery, so you could combine the two with a new gold wristwatch.

2nd Anniversary

Cotton is the traditional gift for this anniversary, signifying the comfort and warmth of your relationship. Couples often exchange gifts like bed linen, clothes or sexy nightwear. A modern second anniversary gift includes china, so new dish sets or mugs are a couple of ideas.

3rd Anniversary

Leather represents durability and is the traditional gift for this anniversary. A modern take on anniversary gifts are crystal, glass or pearls. Gifts can include a new wallet, bag, or shoes for him or for her. Some pearl earrings, a crystal vase or goblets are other ideas.

4th Anniversary

Your relationship has blossomed, so flowers and fruit are the traditional gift this year. Modern presents include appliances, linens, silk, nylon and blue topaz. It is best to gift an appliance only if you are both in full agreement that is what you both want. Otherwise silk sheets or a blue topaz pendant will make a memorable celebration of your love.

5th Anniversary

Strong and long-lasting, wood is the traditional gift for the fifth wedding anniversary. A jewellery box or a chess set are just a couple of suggestions. The modern gifts are silverware and sapphire, offering opportunities for jewellery.

6th Anniversary

Visit a sweetshop to celebrate your anniversary with the traditional gift of sugar or make your favourite dessert. Iron is the modern gift for sixth anniversaries signifying the strength of the relationship. Other ideas include amethyst jewellery or gifts made from wood, which is the traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary.

7th Anniversary

In many cultures around the world, seven is considered a lucky number. Celebrate your good fortune in finding each other with a traditional gift of copper. Copper also symbolises luck and prosperity, so copper jewellery or decorative object suits this anniversary. Another traditional gift the seventh anniversary is wool which represents the warmth and comfort to be found in your relationship. Modern gifts are brass and desk sets.

8th Anniversary

Traditional gifts to celebrate eight years togetherness are gifts of bronze or pottery. Bronze is the melding of two metals into something much stronger and more beautiful than its single elements of tin and copper. Pottery symbolises the shaping of the relationship. Modern gift choices include appliances again, but also linens. Tourmaline is the jewellery option.

9th Anniversary

Pottery and willow are the traditional presents for the ninth anniversary, with leather the modern-day gift. Gift ideas include a willow picnic basket for days out in summer or decorative or practical pottery for the home.

10th Anniversary

Durable and flexible tin and aluminium are the traditional gifts for couples celebrating their ten-year wedding anniversary. The modern anniversary gift is diamond jewellery, so there is no reason to wait for your traditional 60th wedding anniversary gift. Personalised cuff-links, aluminium water bottles and tin jewellery are some gift ideas.

15th Anniversary

Whether wine goblets or jewellery, crystal is the traditional gift for the 15th wedding anniversary. The modern take is for glass and watches with ruby jewellery, giving a broad range of gift ideas, from artisan art décor, or even just opening a bottle of wine.

20th Anniversary

The 20th wedding anniversary is one that is celebrated with friends and family as a milestone anniversary. Gifts on a 20th anniversary symbolise the timelessness and delicacy of your relationship, which can be found in china gift, perhaps a tea set or personalised plates. The modern gift is platinum, so a framed photograph of the happy couple or a platinum rose decoration are just two ideas.

25th Anniversary

A quarter century since your wedding is more commonly known as the silver anniversary, with gifts either in silver or silver colour. Regardless of whether there is a big family celebration or a quiet night in, this is an anniversary that deserves to be celebrated and the chance to choose any gift with a ‘silver’ theme.