We are Annabel and Audrey, two sisters who got married in a joint wedding. We both got engaged on Valentine’s Day and with that auspicious start, decided to share our wedding celebrations, which meant that we were able to invite all family, which brought every close.

We planned our big day together, starting a blog as it was such fun to share, as well as because time was flying by and we wanted to record it all. It took over our lives for about a year, so we hope that some of our shared experiences offer some help and inspiration for others now planning their own wedding.

We enjoyed finding out about wedding traditions from around the world and had our own “jumping the broom” tradition included in the day.

Our wedding dresses were quite different because although we are sisters, Annabel is more of an athlete so wore a super feminine sheath dress whilst Audrey’s dress was a glittering mermaid style. It took a while for us to choose the right dress for our body shapes and are grateful for the wedding dress consultants and the patience of honest friends who told us what worked best.

Add the accessories, the hair styles to fit the occasion and other pampering before the wedding, we both felt great on the day.

Then on to our honeymoon, with Annabel and Paul headed to Dublin where they first met three years ago and Audrey and Tim flew to New Zealand, staying in Milford Sound before campervanning around the country.

We’ve shared some of the information we have collected over the time planning the wedding and from our own experiences too. Wedding planning is fun, but time flies so we hope we can help you also have a wedding of your dreams.