For a wedding blogger, writing about your own big day should be a doddle. After all, not only were you present on the day but you were the one pulling all the strings and making the decisions with your other half in the lead-up… But it doesn’t feel that way for me, and that’s why with a deep breath I’m just gonna dive in. I hope you enjoy this special post, with amazing photography by We are the Mastersons. Meet Rohan and Lisa.

The day started early – 7am to be exact. I had been awake since 4am (it’s my thing; I did the same when I bought my new car, and whenever I am going on holidays. I can’t handle anticipation), so the wake-up time couldn’t come soon enough. I went up to the kitchen in my Mam and Dad’s house, and revised my to-do list and the schedule that the lovely Annie – from Aislinn Events who was handling the Day-of Co-ordination for us – had given me, I’d made a copy for everyone.

It’s easy to typo the word Lisa for List – and in fairness that’s very telling. In the run up to the wedding, I had made so many lists of all kinds, even a list of people in the wedding party and the things I needed to tell them before the ceremony. As you may imagine, great craic was knocked out of this at my expense but it really helped me keep calm in the run-up.

We headed to the hairdressers in the village for early appointments and when we got home there were breakfast rolls waiting for us all. I had sent down quorn sausages to the cafe – so I was not left out even though I am a veggie. Yes, those sausages had featured somewhere on a list the week before.

Meanwhile, at the Smyths… Rohan was dealing with the demands of being a groom. He’d never dressed in front of a camera before. Or at least he claims he hadn’t…

Our theme inspiration came from Mid Century Modern style, the clean lines and retro feel, it influenced our choice of colour palette (grey, gold,coral and light teal), the fonts we used on our stationery, and the bridesmaid and groomsmens’ attire.

Ah, the likely lads (minus my brother Keith who was also groomsman). They wore suits from blacktie and coral ties.

My gorgeous bridesmaids – Karen, Katie, Siobhan (Soybawn) and Bróna (and her bump which contained my lil nephew).

A tip for all brides-to-be: Have a run-through with whoever is tasked with dressing you on the day. Avoids any unnecessary panic.

I can only describe The Mastersons like photographic ninjas… If there’s a reaction or expression – however brief – they’ll capture it. And you won’t even know they’re there. This photo is my favourite from the day – I was a little late, and my face is saying ‘Sorry I’m late’ – it’s not a reaction to Dad’s kiss. Which incidentally I’d forgotten to expect. Honest!

Our ceremony was said by my grand uncle Fr. Macartan, with some help from vicar and friend of Rohan’s family, Rev. Bogle, and local Parish Priest Fr. Jim. We come from different religious backgrounds, and we wanted our ceremony to feel inclusive for everyone.

My dress was a Kathy de Stafford original and the belt came from Dirty Fabulous.

The reception took place at the lovely Darver Castle in Co. Louth. When the guests arrived, they spread out among the many reception rooms and kitchens at the castle. The place has a really homely atmosphere, it was like going to visit your relations with the lady washing the dishes at the sink. An incredibly laid-back feel.

We had prepared our own DIY candy buffet, with special bags of treats for the guests with special diets. It proved very popular!

We named all the tables after songs from the band – Sax and the City’s – set list, and we wrote a little message on the table numbers:

When the band strikes up this groove,
all at this table must bust a move

This was such a hit! I’m not sure what people thought would happen if they didn’t get up for their song, but they definitely weren’t going to find out.

Instead of having a traditional tiered cake, we had a table of delights – macaroons, tea cakes, chocolate cake, cupcakes, meringues, the works, all prepared by the gifted I Bake You Eat. They were another massive talking point, as were the beautifully ornate cake stands and tea cups from the wonderful Pearl and Godiva.

The speeches were a laugh and a half! It turns out we’re quite a poetic family, with no less than three poems featuring.

After that, it was time for some photo booth shenanigans and dancing ’til the early hours… one day we will never forget.